LED Ultraviolet Light Anion Sterilizer Box

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Brand Dunhome
Material Pink Color: PU
Grey Color: Dacron
Power 8W
Power supply mode
Plug charging / Mobile power supply
Lamp bead LED Ultraviolet Light
Ultraviolet wavelength 270nm-280nm
UVC LED power 7mW-10mW
Constant temperature 40-45℃
Color Grey, Pink
Size 25 x 21 x 15cm
Weight 660g

Portable carry case made with quality durable material.
UVC LED technology- Ultraviolet sterilization.
Anion deodorization.
Constant temperature heating.
Easy to use.

Suitable for children's toys, underwear, beauty makeup tools and skin care products, clothes accessories, electronic products, etc.
99.9% high efficiency sterilization.Through ultraviolet radiation, the DNA of microorganisms & new virus are destroyed and killed.

Package includes:
1 x Sterilizing Box